1soloTomasz  – keyboards, trombone, saxophone
2soloŁukasz – drums
5soloMagda – vocal
3soloEmil – vocal, guitars, banjo
4soloBartek – vocal, trumpet, bass, harmonica, acoustic guitars

Welcome to the website of the band Red Combo from Radom


We provide live entertainment during weddings, events, concerts, festivals and any other special occasions. For your listening pleasure we have three vocalists (2 male vocalists and 1 female vocalist), and our instruments include: a tenor saxophone, an alto saxophone, a baritone saxophone, a trombone, trumpet, clarinet, banjo, guitars, keyboards, an accordion, drums, bass and a tuba. Our clients can choose from over 800 songs. We sing in 6 languages. During breaks the music does not stop – we have a wide range of CDs.

We can perform acoustic marches, add the “musical touch” to a parade or revelry. We perform outdoors during garden parties, in rustic castles and private residencies with the accompaniment of a saxophone, clarinet, banjo and tuba (or the accordion – depending on personal preferences). We can also add the trumpet and percussion to our repertoire.


We can spice up the performance by wearing original Mexican El Mariachi garments, or any other theme costumes.

We play Dixieland, pop, rock, hard rock, metal, country, rock and roll, Latino music, jazz, swing, blues, disco music and light party music. We work and perform with Big Band “Mundana”. We can arrange for a piano player to perform during your special occasions. For wedding receptions and other special occasions we recommend the wind instrument quintet Catedra Brass. We have our own means of transportation, professional instruments, equipment, sounding equipment and fun stage effects. We perform in Poland and in the European Union.